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Power Mobility Solutions was founded in October of 2012 by Joe Nel Rodriguez. The idea came when Joe worked for a Durable Medical Equipment provider that was like the others in the industry. Joe was very good with his customer service skills and has the ability to fix almost anything relating to Durable Medical Equipment (DME), mobility accessibility products and devices. When the Company Joe worked for was forced to shut down and leave many without the service they relied on, Joe quickly realized that he could start a company built upon the way he would like to operate a business and help those in need. He enjoys seeing his customers’ smiles and that really makes him feel as if he is making a difference and helping people with their Mobility needs. In early 2013 Joe began his own business after spending months trying to discover a name. He chose Power Mobility Solutions, because he can provide Mobility and Accessibility solutions of power operated medical equipment to those in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. With the connections and reputation Joe has built throughout the region, he became intrigued and decided to make this concept reality. Power Mobility Solutions is a company who offers a service to join you and your family in the comfort of your own home, without you ever having to leave your home. Power Mobility Solutions offers many services dedicated in helping you regain your mobility needs to maintain a safe, active, and independent lifestyle.

Our Mission

“Our goal is to provide superior service to our customers. We are committed in making sure you are 100% satisfied, and provide you with the excellent care you deserve. We will strive to keep you as a customer for life, while providing superior service built around honesty and integrity. Your values are our upmost values, and we want to provide you with excellent care and service, while paying attention to your safety. We welcome you to our family, and thank you for sharing your experience with Power Mobility Solutions.”
Joe Nel Rodriguez– Owner and Founder

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